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St Paul Thomas Academy (the oldest among the Pioneer group of schools) is a unique boys boarding primary school offering the 8-4- 4 curriculum for kids from Standard 4 to Standard 8. The school is located off Kenol – Murang’a road in a serene environment which is  approximately 70km from Nairobi. The school started in 1995 and had its first KCPE cohort in 1997.
Since then, the school has maintained a record of exemplary performance thereby positioning itself as an academic giant, both locally and nationally. Indeed, we take pride in being the best primary school in Murang’a County.
Besides the good performance, the school is also known for nurturing kids to become useful citizens ; true to its mission of TRANSFORMING YOUNG MEN INTO LEADERS AND AGENTS OF CHANGE.

In our 20 plus years of existence, we have produced a considerable number of pilots, doctors, engineers, businessmen, artisans etc, thus contributing immensely to the growth of this nation.
We offer quality service ranging from excellent boarding facilities, an array of co-curriculum activities, small classes of between 20 – 30 kids and a friendly environment hence creating a HOME AWAY FROM HOME situation.
Although Christian based, the school also offers Islamic Religious Education. We also boost to be among the few schools that have for the last couple of years embraced the orient by offering MANDARIN( Chinese language).


Behind the steering wheel is a seasoned and experienced Principal Mr. John Gichengo, who doubles up as the group’s chief Principal
Our administration is made up of the Deputy Principal who oversees the day to day running of the institution. The Dean of the studies who works very closely with the senior manager and class managers.


Dr. Peter K. Munga (E.G.H, C.B.S)


Mr. John Gichengo


Mr. Joseph Maina


Our capacity to live well with others largely determines who we are in the world; how we treat others shapes how we are seen and understood. We always encourage the boys to aspire to becoming the best versions of themselves through the expression of honesty, compassion, and respect for the dignity of others. Our understanding of character also commits to learning from mistakes and practicing forgiveness when our best efforts fall short.


Inquiry is the heart of learning, and we teach boys at St. Paul Thomas Academy to pursue big problems, craft meaningful questions, discover ideas, and actively perform understanding in a public manner.


Boys are relational learners, in that they will learn best in the context of strong, supportive relationships. When the relationship between a boy and a teacher is strong, the boy feels trusted and appreciated, he becomes more engaged in his studies and more inspired to pursue future learning.


Boys are encouraged to find their passion and to pursue a course of action that will allow them to engage this passion in service of their learning, their communities, and the world at large. The students who have discovered a sense of purpose have a more stable and generalized intention to accomplish something that is at the same time meaningful to the self and consequential for the world beyond the self. Having a sense of purpose means that the boys have identified something that matters to them, know why it matters to them, and are continue working on it with a long-term plan for future action


A strong foundation in Education is built on an understanding of the self. We ask the boys to develop their individual narratives and an understanding of who they are and what constitutes a good life for them. As the boys begin to know themselves, they enhance their capacity both to understand and appreciate others and themselves and to take action to improve the world around them.


Reflecting on past decisions and experiences allows boys to find greater connection to new knowledge and find a deeper understanding of their own learning process.


We intentionally cultivate learning experiences that allow our boys to construct their knowledge and meaning. Rather than transmitting knowledge to passive consumers, our teachers create lesson plans and activities that put essential questions, student voices, and collaboration at the center, and invite boys to be active contributors to the discipline. Psychologist Jean Piaget states “…When you teach a child something, you take away forever his chance of discovering it for himself.”


The process of inquiry leads to understanding. The ultimate goal of student-directed inquiry is not merely knowledge acquisition, but mastery of how to use it, appreciate it, and build upon that knowledge. Understanding sparks further curiosity and reignites the process of inquiry, leading to a lifetime of learning.


St. Paul Thomas Academy boys with a myriad of experiences. When these experiences are coupled with advice and guidance from parents and teachers, boys leave childhood behind and become young men. This has been our mission in the past and it is not going to change in the future.


We work hard to create a culture of high aspirations throughout the school. We set ambitious targets for every student. Our aim is that every student should achieve at least a grade higher than the national expectation in each level of their learning. Staff, students and parents are involved in the whole process of setting the targets and are expected to take responsibility for them once they are agreed.


We have the highest of expectations of our students. We expect all boys to be properly dressed, punctual, and well-mannered as they set out to learn and achieve their academic goals. We enforce our behaviour policy robustly and consistently across the school. The student code of conduct sets out the high standards of behaviour that we expect with clear consequences for misbehaviour and a zero tolerance of bullying, abusive or discriminatory language and violence. We believe that outstanding behaviour improves students’ capacity to learn

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